You invited who? the prom

"Honey, I do. I love the stuff. Tupperware® is the best. But please, not another house party. Tell Bill and Marge 'thanks, but no thanks.' We've gotta get smart about spending serious money. Anyway, don't they both have real estate licenses? Why can't they just help us find a house?"

Yet one more innovative way to select an agent to help you buy a home. A way to get MLM folks out of your hair! Ingenious.

One has to marvel at how we pick the folks who will help us find a home, and how limited is our expectation of such folks. Find a house. That's it really! I once ran an ad that advised that if all you expect of an agent is someone to find you a home, simply choose someone with GASOLINE AND A LICENSE. So let's combine them into Criteria Number One.

Criteria Number Two for choosing an agent: we know them and they're good people. That's it. They don't have to be an Einstein. How hard can it be to find a house? They know the area. Janet's worked the same area for twenty three years and Peter's worked the area for fifteen years. How could they screw it up? Mind you, this is not the way we choose our tax advisor or our auto mechanic. With cars and taxes you are talking about real money, so you really do need a specialist. Just because I play tennis with Don doesn't mean he's the best qualified to give me tax advise.

Criteria Number Three: Linda works for a very, very large real estate firm. Offices throughout the United States of America. Very nice building. Very nice conference room - with plaques honoring their top producers, listing agents all. And like most very, very large firms, they have a very, very large number of listings.

Criteria Number Four: English. In the early 80s I marveled at folks who were learning English and Real Estate at the same time. Since I could already speak English I figured that real estate would be a piece of cake for me. So speaking English should be on the list.

Criteria Number Five: Convenience. Gene's office is in the very area that we are interested in; and you can always find unmetered parking within a one block radius.

Criteria Number Six: Pocket Listings. Doris said she is expecting to get a listing that no one else in town even knows about. And she said it's just the kind of home we're looking for.

Criteria Number Seven: Aggression. Tom helped us sell our home. He's tough and he's pushy. A great salesman! The buyers are still trying to figure out what hit 'em.

Criteria Number Eight: Three agents! How can I lose? The one that finds the home wins. But suppose, just suppose that Joe is marginally bright, Ned is average bright, and Joan is very bright. So Joe takes you to see ("finds") a home that you really like. Now what? Are you prepared to dance all night with Joe?

There is obviously a finite number of homes that will match your parameters. If you have three licensees looking for you do you imagine that the same inventory is not available to them all? Suppose you asked each one of them on the same day for a list of all 3 bedrooms homes matching your other criteria. Guess what? You'd have three identical lists. So not only is there no benefit to using multiple agents - you actually run a risk, of dancing all night with Joe.

Guess who is going to prepare/analyze your CMA? Guess who is going to draft your purchase contract? Guess who is going to structure your contingencies? Guess who is going to explain financial options? l? Negotiate the correction of unacceptable conditions? Explain the Prelim? Navigate through escrow?

Joe of course.

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