The Meeting

March, 1995

M... and I were taking one last look at his home-to-be before drafting an offer. It was past the dinner hour and night had fallen. I left the front door ajar, so as not to alarm A..., the seller, in case she arrived while we were still there. She did, but was very gracious and let him complete his inspection.

At close of escrow M... took a bottle of wine to her as an apparent gesture of good will, as young men are wont to do. I must say that this is not something my clients normally do.

Fast forward to August, 1996

Amongst the Hispano-Suizas, Bugattis and classic Rolls Royces of the Behring Auto Museum in BlackHawk, we celebrated at a reception following the marriage of A... and M... The highlight of the Nuptial Mass was a duet in the Church featuring the Bride and her father singing All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera, accompanied most appropriately by a grand organ. A wonderful, unusual moment at a memorable occasion.

Postscript: I wonder aloud: was "The Meeting" just fate? Just Kharma? Or perhaps just another benefit of using me as your broker?


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